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When navigating through the job search jungle it is time to...


Now Available for Career Success planning and Resume Support


Meet your guide: Randy Levinson

Randy has spent the last 25 years as a Recruiter and HR Professional in the high pressure high tech environment that is Silicon Valley. He has worked as a Talent Acquisition Leader at large companies like Google, Cisco, and Samsung as well as smaller niche companies like Verifone and Quixey. All the while he has consulted countless individual job seekers on improving their resume and honing their interviewing skills. Randy has successfully coached at every career level from new college graduates to CEOs and every level in between.


After having reviewed over 500,000 resumes he's seen what works and what doesn’t work and how those have both evolved over the years. He has advised countless professionals on how to edit, reposition, and re-write their resume for greater reach and higher response rates. Many have come back  convinced that they would not have landed the opportunity they eventually did, had it not been for Randy's counsel.

In addition to his accomplishments as a recruiter, Randy's career highlights, skills, and abilities include:

  • Global recruiting program development and management

  • Full candidate lifecycle management

  • Global workforce planning & organizational development

  • HRIS and ATS selection and implementation

  • Data driven metrics management

  • Total comp program development and management

  • Startup human resource/talent infrastructure development

  • Performance assessment and talent management

How can Randy be of service to you?

Please book an appointment or send a note below before purchasing a plan.

  • Free initial assessment call to determine your needs

  • Free initial assessment call to determine your needs

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