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More about Randy Levinson

Your Resume is the single most important document of your professional career.

Randy is a Silicon Valley People Operations professional with over 25 years of hands-on Global Talent Acquisition Management and HR experience. 


With a focused philosophy about career success that builds on collaboration, communication, and transparency he has been successful at growing large enterprise businesses and start-up environments alike. Randy is driven by a desire to improve people’s lives by enabling them to seek new and challenging opportunities that will spurn their growth and development at every stage of their career.

Additionally, Randy has successfully hired over 2,500 people during his career, including over 200 Executive level roles. Knowing what it takes to highlight your skills to get a job at the level you want, and are qualified for, is a large part of the secret sauce that leads to career success.


Many long time job seekers have shared that they have spent thousands of dollars with other services to have their resume reviewed and re-written with inconsistent results.


The “free” review on several job seeker related websites generally produce boiler-plate results that don’t tell the individualized story that a resume needs to tell.

Using current AI tools is a shortcut that also offers mixed results and often times longer, more verbose resumes that don't capture the nuances of an individuals career path and trajectory.


Randy can help get your resume properly aligned for search engine optimization, applicant tracking systems, and recruiter review, as well.

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