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What are people saying?

Over the years Randy has helped many friends, acquaintances, co-workers, clients, and customers who have counted on his counsel and guidance. Here is what some of them have said about their experience with Randy.

"I met Randy through a common acquaintance when I was in the job market for over a year. He kindly volunteered to do a little trouble shooting on my endeavors, starting with a review of my resume, giving me a few quick tips on how a recruiter would receive and review it. After completing the recommended modifications, we turned to presentation, covering where and how to present and sell my product, me. Shortly after my encounter with Randy, I landed a position at Juniper Networks. Based on my experience with Randy, I would not hesitate to recommend him or to work with him again. He knows his stuff."

- David Ross

  Director of Operational Excellence, Juniper Networks

"Randy has a great deal of experience in global staffing and human resource management, and that experience has resulted in strong insight into what it takes to recruit and retain top-level talent. Randy relishes the opportunity to make a difference. "

- Jennifer Finetti

   Product marketing Manager, Scholarship Owl


"Randy is one of the best recruiters that I've dealt with. He provided incredible service and is exceptional in understanding the client's needs and in treating talent with equity and respect. Randy is honest, straightforward and brings with him a natural, refreshing warmth and human touch that are rare in the rush-rush recruiting world."

- Richard Gu

  VP Investor Relations, Cadence Design Systems

"Randy is a personable individual who definitely cares about the people he works with, his internal clients as well as external candidates. Randy has successfully navigated the Google waters with skill and a high level of effectiveness, drawing on his many positive characteristics."

- Renee Mangrum

  Sr. Talent Advisor, Kinkor Consulting


"To say that Randy is a great motivator and team player is an understatement. I reported to Randy during a time of high volume hiring for Commerce within Google, specifically Sales Staffing for Offers. Randy was leading a team of about 8 recruiters. Randy did a great job to paint a picture of what was going on with the business and how it impacted our recruiting efforts. Randy was able to efficiently lead the team, and we all had a lot of fun working at breakneck speed to hire a high volume of Sales individuals. Randy did an amazing job of communicating to clients, direct reports, team members, and staffing management, all the while giving praise and credit to his team."

- Jason Tanner

  Recruiting Manager, Cloudflare

"Randy nimbly combines tact and enthusiasm in his application of HR knowledge and expertise. He has been instrumental in my personal job hunt and his listening skills are only matched by his depth of knowledge & ability to discreetly offer direction. Randy is your person for crafting a great match between person and career path."

-Tracy Turner

Program Manager, Stanford University

"Randy was the recruiter assigned to my group soon after Cisco acquired my company, InfoGear Technology. Randy was one of the more creative recruiters I'd met in accomplishing our goals. Randy has great, level headed insights into the recruiting process, and in fact, in company organization, markets, technology trends, and business - whatever it took to land the candidates we desperately needed. And yet, he would be the first to make sure there was appropriate selection criteria in place to discourage hiring the wrong people."

- Ike Nassi

Founder and CTO, Tidalscale

Adjunct Processor, CS and Engineering, UC Santa Cruz

"Randy is a true expert in the Staffing Industry. He is constantly educating himself on ways to improve. He is an asset to his employer and his customers, consistently acting in the best interest of all parties involved. Randy is an ideal business partner, I highly recommend working with him."

- Sean Hallihan

Founder, SourceMultiplier

"Randy is by far one of the best recruiters with whom I have worked. He is terrific at understanding what is needed in a role and was able to narrow down to candidates that he knew would be perfect for the roles for which we were hiring. He really understood the process, and all of the psychology that goes with the hiring process. In addition, he had a great work ethic and attitude which made working with him a very pleasant experience!"

- Gabrielle Capolupo

  Sr. Director, Juniper Networks

"Randy is the epitomy of a team player who always kept the Company's best interest at heart. Passionate about his work; and a strong communicator. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Randy again."

- Ann Keady

  Executive Science Recruiter, Amazon

"Randy is an outstanding individual in the area of recruiting and HR. Randy always made himself available to provide top rate information, assistance, and pertinent professional service to the individual and organization in the role and capacity he represented at the time - Randy can wear many hats, and wears them all with excellence."

- CJ Little

Release Management, Sonatus

"Randy Levinson assisted me during an executive job search and was successful in placing me at Netscape, pre-IPO. Needless to say, this career assistance changed my life forever and I am very grateful to have been at the right place at the right time with the right recruiter for the right job. Randy provided exceptional representation while presenting me to the hiring team and then helped to negotiate an exceptional compensation package that more than met my needs. Randy Levinson is a fantastic recruiter with high integrity, expert knowledge and is able to deliver great results!"

- Bob Plummer

  VP Cloud/DevSecOps, Ruckus Networks

"Randy's knowledge in the recruiting field is unmatched. He is very capable of finding the right balance and creates win-win scenarios for all parties. Randy will make a difference at any task he is assigned to. He is a great asset for any organization."

- Levent Arabaci

  EVP, Chief Transformation Officer, Hitachi

"Randy is one of the most knowledgeable and efficient HR Managers I have had the pleasure of working with. He has a keen understanding of the industry and its changing dynamics. Skillful in the art of qualification and uncovering internal motivation he is an effective negotiator and closer."

- Kokoro V. Robinson

VP Global Talent Acquisition, Velocity Global

"Randy has always been an amazing individual in helping me develop my professional career. He has been extremely supportive and helpful to me on my journey, and I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without him. I consider him a great mentor and a friend."

- Andrew Kornblatt

  Story Strategist, Autodesk

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